Using the help of today’s most recent technology and know-how on cosmetics, Natalya Zevenich Medical Center helps people who have skin problems such as psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis.
Апсорин Форте в Центре Натальи Зеневич
Our treatment is based on the use of the product “Apsorin Forte”*, which has been uniquely developed by Doctor Natalya Valentinovna Zenevich.

Apsorin Forte is a cosmetics remedy used for skin problems such as psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis. It has been developed with help of the latest technology, using the latest achievements of science in the field of skin problems.

Apsorin Forte consists of tinctures of unique and exceptional plants who grow in ecologically clean and high-mountainous areas in Altai. This remedy (formula) was developed in 20 years and has been repeatedly proved its effectiveness and safety. The secret of its high efficiency, as well as how the product has been developed, is highly strictly protected by the manufacturer – and therefore at present, Apsorin Forte is not one of the products that can be very widely used, because it is able to be reachedout only through proven and reliable distributors, at the moment i.e., in the Natalya Zenevich Medical Center .

Средство при псориазе и себорейном дерматите

In the Center with the help of the specifically developed Apsorin Forte’s, and of course, Doctor Natalya Valentinovna Zenevich’s exclusive technique, it is extraordinarily possible to receive excellent results.


Псориаз рук. Ладонно-подошвенный псориаз

Palmoplantar psoriasis – The result achieved only one month after Aprosin Forte was first applied.


*  –– No medical components are present in the product.